Evangelist May Face Hate Crime Charges For Requesting Anti-Gay Marriage Cake

An evangelist who requested an anti-gay marriage cake could see his day in court. Sharon Haller, of Cut the Cake Bakery in Florida, has reportedly sought the FBI in a hate crime investigation against Josh Feuerstein, Breitbart News reports. Feuerstein called Cut the Cake on April 1, asking for a sheet cake saying, “We do not support gay marriage.” Haller told him she couldn’t accommodate his request and hung up. Feuerstein recorded the video, saying: “Have we gotten to the point in America where the left is so ‘open minded’ that they’re close minded to anybody that doesn’t agree with them, or is America big enough for different points of view? Christian bakeries should never be forced to do something that violates their Christian principles. That’s not American.”

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