‘End Is Near’: Radio Star Issues EMP Warming

The threat of an electromagnetic pulse event or attack on the United States that could kill tens of millions of people has prompted George Noory, the host of “Coast to Coast AM,” the most-listened-to overnight radio program in North America, to launch a campaign to prepare a defense. “I implore all individual states, the president and members of Congress to immediately develop a plan to protect our power grid,” said Noory. “The preservation of our great nation and the lives of its people are critical.” WND has reported extensively on the issue and is a partner in the campaign. “I want to thank WND and Joseph Farah for joining this effort, which is imperative to our future,” Noory said. The goal is to protect and insulate the U.S. power grid against an EMP event or attack from a solar flare, nuclear weapon or ballistic missile, all of which could endanger the lives of millions of Americans, according to Noory.

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