El Nino Is About To Make Food Shortage Even Worse

With global food prices spiking thanks to the US drought, El Nino was the last thing the world needed. But now meteorologists are warning that the phenomenon, which sees unusually warm waters in the Pacific cause freak weather from California to Australia, is under way. In the last 10 days, the national weather agencies of the US, Japan, Australia, India and Peru, among others, have confirmed the first effects of El Nino in the eastern Pacific. In the past, El Nino has caused massive disruption to agriculture around the Pacific Rim. In a statement, the Climate Prediction Center, a US agency of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration, said it now expected the early signs to develop into a full-blown El Nino during August or September as higher water temperatures translate into warmer air currents. That is expected to inject new levels of uncertainty into global food markets as heat waves and drought grip the eastern Pacific while increased rains, and some flooding, could hit the Americas.

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