Ebola Surges Back Even After ‘Recovery’ … Mystery Deaths In Africa Believed To Be Ebola’s Third Wave

Over the past year and half, a surging outbreak of Ebola virus has put entire countries in West Africa under duress, putting villagers’ immune systems to the test of their life. Approximately 11,300 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea have passed away, and at least 17,000 others have survived. After enduring two waves of vicious Ebola outbreak, these countries are now only seeing a few cases crop up in Guinea. However, researchers are discovering what might be the beginnings of a third Ebola wave. Reports on the ground indicate that survivors are having a hard time settling back into their communities.
Facing fear and paranoia from other residents, survivors are doing everything they can to prove they are healthy and not carrying around remnants of the Ebola virus. Their full recovery is not convincing enough because a percentage of survivors are now starting to relapse. Researchers at Sierra Leone’s National Ebola Response Center are scrambling to understand a new wave of rogue Ebola cases, which are being called “anomalies.” These “anomaly” cases are estimated to affect 10 percent of survivors. Dr. Dan Kelly, founder of the non-profit Wellbody Alliance, has worked with such cases where the patient’s immune system underwent a second attack, even after being released and declared 100 percent healthy.

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