Ebola Scare Hits U.S. 68 Times In 3 Weeks

The deadly Ebola virus, which was taken down just a notch on Thursday by the announcement that both Americans infected while working in Africa and treated in Atlanta have recovered and been released, remains a source of dozens of alarms and alerts across the U.S. according to a report on the work of the Centers for Disease Control. The Advisory Board Company reported that the federal agency’s first alert in recent months came at the Carolinas Medical Center in July when a patient traveling from West Africa came down with Ebola-like symptoms, but then later was deemed Ebola-free. “Since then, hospitals in 27 states have alerted CDC of possible cases,” the report on Thursday said. It explained that of the 68 “scares,” 58 were found to be “false alarms,” seven involved blood samples and were found to be negative for the virus, and three more blood samples were tested, but the results still are pending.

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