Drugs or Demons? Teenager Found Biting Off Man’s Face in Florida Murder Case

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is working to make sense of a double murder case in Tequesta, Florida, where a teenage suspect was found biting off a man’s face.
According to reports, neighbor Jeff Fisher called 911 after he had been stabbed trying to stop an attack on 59-year-old John Joseph Stevens III and 53-year-old Michelle Karen Mishcon.

When police arrived on the scene, they found 19-year-old Austin Harrouff on top of Stevens and pulling the skin off his face with his teeth. Sheriff William Snyder told reporters that Harrouff was also “grunting and growling,” and “making animal noises.”

“When [the officer] got there, she realized that the offender was actually biting the victim in the face and causing what turned out to be some substantial trauma to his face from bite marks,” he told NBC Miami.

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