There is simply no escaping the New World Order’s push of the radical LGBT Mafia’s agenda. Even our beloved junk food is no longer safe from it’s insidious reach. Doritos Rainbows are a limited-edition version of its Cool Ranch-flavored tortilla chips to show the chip maker’s support of the LGBT community. The chips come in shades of green, blue, purple, red, and orange inspired by colors of the Pride flag. Who are the main consumers of Doritos products? The ultra-impressionable 18-24 year old age group. No surprise there. Since gays cannot reproduce, they must indoctrinate and recruit. Despite pockets of resistance in areas across the country, America as a nation has fully embraced the LGBT lifestyle and all it represents. From the United States Supreme Court, all the down to a maker of junk snack food, everywhere you look Sodom and Gomorrah are being brought back to life. We say that we are doing it to be tolerant, open-minded and inclusive, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that God’s restraining Hand has been taken away, our protective covering lifted in judgment against us, and we don’t even know it.

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