Dolphins Dying In Gulf Of Mexico In Great Numbers, Reason Remains Mystery

More reports of animal deaths are coming as a new report from the New York Times is indicating that Dolphins are dying in great numbers in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Dead or dying marine mammals — mostly bottlenose dolphins, including juveniles or aborted fetuses — have washed ashore on beaches and wetlands from Texas to Florida since February of 2010 and have been discovered floating in the Gulf’s murky waters. The number of of stranded dolphins in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama have exceeded past averages by three and a half to four times according to reports that indicates spikes in certain months. The 2010 and 2011 figures were the highest ever recorded. A scientific explanation has so far proved elusive. “The Gulf is not a controlled laboratory where you can have a perfectly pathogen-free animal and expose it to one agent and measure the effect,” said Dr. Stephanie Venn-Watson, director of the translational medicine and research program at the National Marine Mammal Foundation.

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