‘Dividing Capital Into Arab And Jewish Municipalities Is The Only Way To End Bloodshed’

The united model of Jerusalem has unequivocally failed and violence will not abate on a meaningful level until the capital is divided into two mutually autonomous municipalities, the city’s former east Jerusalem portfolio holder contended on Sunday. Dr. Meir Margalit, who remains on Meretz’s leadership committee and works as a researcher at the Van Leer Institute, said the government and Jerusalem Municipality must come to terms with this assertion if a sustainable peace is to be found. “We must realize that the former model of a ‘united city’ has collapsed,” Margalit said by phone. “If we do not understand this simple fact, we cannot start talking about an alternate model.” According to the former councilman, the current Palestinian uprising has been fueled largely by a collective sense of disenfranchisement coupled with an “institutionalized racism” that is most acutely felt by a new generation of disaffected Palestinian youths. “What the Palestinians are saying to us through this violent uprising is that they want to be the managers of their own lives,” he said.

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