Disturbing Signs Obama Will Pull US Veto Support Of Israel

Speculation has been building that President Barack Obama is considering abandoning the longstanding U.S. policy of protecting Israel at the UN with the power of the veto. The U.S. typically uses its veto power to put down any anti-Israel resolutions or Palestinian attempts at reaching statehood through the U.N. However, with peace talks at a standstill for almost a year the US is being pressured by other international powers to either to abstain or even vote in favor of a resolution that would see the laying out of terms for a two-state solution based on Israel’s 1967 borders, something Jerusalem opposes. Such a significant reversal in policy appears to have been gaining momentum since the Obama administration demonstrated outright hostility for the Israeli Prime Minister after he won elections in March. The President has made it clear that US policy was being re-evaluated earlier this year when he said that “the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, along with the conditions Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has set for establishing a Palestinian state, have made it harder for the United States to continue defending Israel at the United Nations against European initiatives”.

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