Day 4000 and Final Month

The 4000 days in the Noahic Countdown are up on 10/21. There have been events at 100 day increments following that pattern that may be on 10/21 or 10/22. If we go by the late Barley idea, this would be the time of the Feast of Trumpets. After researching the legitimacy of Jubilee, I believe that it is more likely a higher watch period since on the Torah Calendar (with no barley delay) it is the anniversary day Noah was sealed into the Ark. Then there is also Shemini Atzeret (if under barley delay) that lands on 11/13/17. On that day Jupiter and Venus conjoin again after 444 days since the last time. All of these dates occur before the drop dead time of
11/19 or 11/20/17 which is 2520 days before Atonement 2024. Without the barley delay there is one principle day. With a barley delay there are three days.

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