Creepy photo of ‘winged demon’ goes viral

A sinister-looking image posted to Facebook by a Phoenix, Arizona, man has gone viral, sparking fears and talk of the end times as well as claims it’s all a Photoshopped hoax. The shadowy figure “the size of a house” appears to have large extended wings and spikes protruding from its head. It was allegedly captured on the street where Richard Christianson, the poster, lives. Christianson posted the image Sunday, captioning it: “What the hell do you see in this picture for reals??? Anybody.”

It has been shared over 80,000 times, and has over 9,000 comments, reported USA Today. The Daily Express in London reported viewers see it as a sign of the end times. wrote: “This is disturbing on different levels, because it points to an apocalypse type of a setting. When we start seeing things such as this, it can only mean that the world may be coming to an end. “Passages in the Bible mention demonic entities wandering the Earth in the darkest of days. There are some who think this is in fact not a demon, but that of an angel. Perhaps it is possible, but it has the appearance of something more sinister perhaps because of the setting.”

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