Comet Siding Spring Causes An Explosion On Mars

An incredible video, posted to YouTube on Oct. 19, shows the atmosphere of Mars exploding as the Comet Siding Spring passes within 87,000 miles of the Red Planet. Despite news reports indicating all NASA orbiters and ground rovers were unaffected by the debris trail of the comet, it’s hard to believe there was no damage caused by the comet’s passing after witnessing this dramatic video. In it, a YouTube sky watcher, going by the name of BP Earth Watch, describes the fantastic sight of gases exploding in the Martian atmosphere, as the debris trail of Comet Siding Spring passes nearby on Sunday morning. The event was caught by Dr. Fritz Helmut Hemmerich, who recorded the action with a video telescope from his perch on Mount Teide, more than two miles above Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.

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