Christian Martyrdom Is Back – With A Vengeance

In North Korea, thousands of Christians and their families are imprisoned in penal labor camps, with up to 80 executed last year for possessing Bibles and similar “transgressions.” In Sudan, hundreds of Christian women and girls are flogged annually for “indecent dress,” though what constitutes indecent dress is not defined by law. Iran raids church services and threatens believers, punishing Christians with prolonged detention, torture and executions – with some 400 Christians detained throughout the country since 2010, including Iranian-born American pastor Saeed Abedini.

Even America’s “allies” are home to outrageous persecution of Christians: In Egypt, at least seven Coptic Christians were killed and more than 200 churches and other Christian buildings, homes and businesses recently attacked. In Pakistan, Christian women and girls experience violence daily, many targeted for rape, sexual abuse and kidnapping, and a mob beat and burned to death a Christian couple last year for alleged “blasphemy.” In Saudi Arabia, not a single Christian church is allowed to exist in the entire country.

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