Chinese Pastor Sentenced To One Year In Prison After Defending Churches Against China’s Crackdown On Crosses

A Christian pastor in China was sentenced to one year in prison on Tuesday night by a local court after he defended local churches when the Chinese authorities removed church crosses. Pastor Huang Yizi was sentenced by the People’s Court in Pingyang County after being convicted of “gathering crowds to disturb social order,” Yizi’s lawyer, Zhang Kai, said, according to The New York Times. His lawyer said that he would appeal the court’s verdict. The pastor was originally detained in early August after officials attempted to remove a cross from his church in Wenzhou. Yizi criticized the Chinese authorities and had encouraged his congregation to continue to display crosses after they have been removed. He was arrested when authorities believed he was responsible for a crowd of more than 50 citizens clashing with the police. The Telegraph reported that Yizi has been seen handcuffed in a yellow jumpsuit with the words “Pingyang County Detention Centre.” Though his lawyer did not provide additional details on Yizi’s current state, he believes he is innocent.

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