Canadians Face “New Breed” Of Storms

Canadians are facing a “new breed” of storms, and governments should change the way they plan for the kind of wild weather that caused a flash flood in Burlington, Ont., on Monday, says Dave Phillips, Environment Canada’s senior climatologist. “These [once in] 50-year floods are occurring every 10 years, because our climate has changed,” he said. Phillips added that planning for weather based on the past 100 years “masks” recent events that have dramatically changed how much rain falls. He said in the aftermath of the Toronto floods of August 2013, a look into the last 25 years of rainfall showed that there were three 100-year storms, and six 50-year storms. CBC meteorologist Shelly James said that Monday’s flash flood was an extremely isolated event, with 190 mm of rain in Burlington, but nearly no rain on either side of the city, including next to none in nearby Hamilton.

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