Canadian ISIL Member Says Attacks Coming To New York Soon

A man believed to be 21-year-old Somali-Canadian Abu Usamah Somali said ISIL will “make some attacks in New York soon.” The terrorist recruit explained why he decided to join ISIL and what the group’s intentions are in an interview with Vice News founder Shane Smith. He said the whole world is ISIL’s enemy and that they would soon be using “many martyrdom operations.” He then said their will soon be attacks in New York. “A lot of brothers are mobilizing right now. They’re mobilizing for a brilliant attack.” Usamah said that he was motivated to join ISIL because of “oppression.” “If we want Sharia law, leave us alone,” he said. He then threatened to behead thousands of people, behead the leaders of the countries who’ve attacked ISIL, crucify Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and enslave the children of his enemies. When asked to estimate how many foreign fighters have joined ISIL Usamah said “upwards of 10, 15 thousand.” “All the new recruits now are coming to Iraq, thanks to Allah, planning very big attacks, with Allah’s permission.” The interview ends as Usamah said the ISIL flag will fly over the White House.

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