California Wildfire Now Third-Largest In History

It is now official, The California Wildfire responsible for so much devastation right now is one of the deadliest California wildfires and the third-largest in the state’s history. burning thousands of acres and destroying hundreds of homes. While firefighters have increased containment, the fire continues to grow. The Valley Fire began burning near Cobb, California, located less than 100 miles north of San Francisco.As of Monday evening, over 1,900 structures have been claimed by the 75,781 acre Valley Fire with an additional 3,103 residential structures being threatened, according to CAL Fire. This fire surpassed the Witch Fire from October 2007 as the 3rd most damaging wildfire in California history. The 197,990 acre Witch Fire destroyed 1,650 structures.One of the reasons why it has burned so many structures is the rapid expansion of the fire within the first 24 hours of igniting and its close proximity to communities. By Sunday Sept. 13, the wildfire had grown to over 30,000 acres, giving some people just minutes to evacuate their homes.

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