Britain Bracing For Arctic Misery

Temperatures are set to remain freezing for the next four weeks with no end to the cold spell until spring. Experts say the “coldest spell of winter” is about to bite with four inches of snow expected. Those areas so far spared snow are on alert from today with severe weather warnings in place through the week as bitter winds sweep in from Scandinavia and the Arctic. The North faces four more inches of snow with wintry showers forecast across the Midlands and as far south as London, Kent and the South-east. Met Office forecasters last night warned that plunging temperatures will struggle to get above freezing when wind-chill is factored in. Experts say this winter is threatening to match the big freeze of 2010. Forecaster Simon Partridge said: “It’s going to stay very cold this week with winds coming from a north-easterly direction. They will move over the North Sea and bring more snowfall. “Further wintry showers are expected in eastern and western parts while rain will freeze overnight making some very icy stretches of road.” The freezing weather is being bolstered by an erratic jet stream that has plunged southwards, leaving the UK at the mercy of cold from the Arctic. Temperatures in the North this week will plummet to -10C overnight while widespread lows of -6C (21F) will be driven by bitter polar winds. James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “As we progress into the rest of the month there are likely to be some significant changes to an even colder scenario. This will bring widespread snow.”

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