BREAKING: Abbas Says Hamas Ministers Must Recognize Israel

Following on the heels of a final Fatah-Hamas unification agreement that will see the Fatah-controlled Palestinian government gain control of Gaza by December 1st, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has stated that Hamas ministers entering the unity government must recognize Israel’s right to exist. This is a significant development in that Hamas has never recognized Israel. This will put significant pressure on Israel to agree to a peace deal.

Keep in mind that this is total doublespeak on the part of Abbas since he says one thing to his western, English-speaking audiences, and a completely different thing to local Arab media.

In my estimation we are witnessing the Psalm 83 or a Psalm 83-esque conspiracy developing since Egypt, Saudia Arabia, and Jordan have all made “nice” with Israel in recent months. The Israeli government is saying relations with the Sunni Arab world have never been better and that’s true from a purely superficial perspective, but what this really means is that Israel will be swindled into a peace deal, which will see the Jews’ God-given land divided right through the middle.

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