Brazilian Police Arrest American Child Rapist Who Claimed To Be ‘Christ In The Flesh’

Brazilian police have arrested an American child rapist who claimed to be “Christ in the flesh” after he was discovered living as a fugitive in the country.

Victor Barnard, 53, was taken into custody on Friday at a home in Rio Grande Do Norte, where he had been staying in a gated community. The leader of Minnesota’s River Road Fellowship has been on the run from police for the past three years after officials began investigating sexual abuse allegations against young girls.

Barnard is facing 59 counts of sexual assault, stemming from a complaint filed with police that he had repeatedly abused two girls in his congregation over a period of almost ten years.

The cult leader had claimed to be the Messiah, and reportedly used this claim to justify having sexual relations with his followers. One of the girls who says that she was abused by Barnard, Lindsay Tornambe, provided further details to police after leaving his congregation at age 22. She said that she had been raped by the leader since she was 13.

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