‘Black Jesus’ Season 2 Returns; Drug-Taking, F-Word Spewing Jesus Angers Christians

Cable network Adult Swim recently premiered Season 2 of controversial late night TV show “Black Jesus.” The new season has been met with backlash for the show’s depiction of a so-called modern day Jesus, who wears a hood, smokes marijuana and loves to spew the F-word. At least one advertiser has withdrawn its commercials for the show in response to the outrage. Christian critics have blasted the show, as well as a stream of others hitting U.S. television networks for what they call a blatant anti-Christian sentiment. Shows such as “Impastor”, “Lucifer”, “Scream Queens” have angered some for their controversial portrayal of Christians and faith as well as their promotion and glamorization of evil and wickedness. Adult Swim’s “Black Jesus” is a supposed satirical comedy drama about the life of a modern day Jesus called “Pops”, who is portrayed by a black man who curses, and does drugs.One group that has expressed outrage at the show’s return is OneMillionMoms, which is a division of the American Family Association. It has gone on the offensive to slam Turner Broadcasting and its parent company, Time Warner, which own Adult Swim.

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