Bishop’s Book Plays ‘Fast And Loose’ With Scripture

In his book on “Understanding Same Sex Marriage,” Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, begins “This book describes a stage in an ongoing journey towards equality” continuing, “All over the world marriage is being opened to people.” And it is this idea that the Church of England must urgently embrace and indeed celebrate same-sex “marriage” as part of the world’s “ongoing journey to equality” that drives More Perfect Union. It’s arguable that this idea might have had some merit were it not for one thing, and that thing is the Bible. Despite having three chapters called variously “Scripture 101,” “Things Gays are Liable to Read in the Bible” and “Biblical Marriage,” one of the things that stands out most clearly and sadly in the book is a lack of regard for the clarity, authority or weight of Scripture. Bishop Alan’s categorical statement “that very few theological problems … can be solved definitely directly from the Bible …” helps the reader grasp how he can repeatedly disregard and misread it, despite speaking of the importance of reading it “seriously and literally.” At different points Bishop Alan describes both the Lord Jesus and the Apostle Paul as “playing fast and loose” with the Old Testament whilst repeatedly doing just that himself and confirming that “people who are for or against homosexuality develop self-consistent readings which are wither pro or anti-gay….”

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