Bible ‘unscathed’ in fiery crash that destroys SUV

Social media is rocking at the outcome of a fiery car crash on a Tennessee highway that ended with an SUV in flames, completely destroyed – but both the driver and his Bible completely unscathed.

One Facebook poster wrote: “I just saw GOD on 385,” KTLA found.

The incident involved the crash of a 2014 Jeep Laredo into a pole on the eastbound side of Interstate 385 near Memphis. Following, the vehicle burst into flames.

Memphis police responded to the scene, and so did several Good Samaritans who assisted in pulling the driver from the fiery scene. Shortly after, his vehicle exploded, KTLA reported.

But it was after the flames were extinguished that witnesses were really amazed.

As KTLA reported: “After firefighters extinguished the fire, officials found an undamaged Bible in the passenger seat of the vehicle.”

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