Bermuda: Two Tropical Cyclones In Less Than A Week? How Rare Is That?

Back-to-back tropical cyclones may pass very near or over Bermuda in less than a week’s time. Think about that for a moment. Two or more tropical storm or hurricane strikes in one location during any single season is quite unusual outside of western Pacific hot spots such as the northern Philippines, southeast China, Japan or Guam. may experience this in a span of roughly five days this week. Sunday morning, Oct. 12, battered the archipelago with wind gusts up to 120 mph, downing trees, power lines, knocking out power to roughly half of Bermuda and damaging the terminal roof at L.F. Wade International Airport. “Huge piles of debris are showing up everywhere as residents clear their property,” says Dr. Peter Neilley, vice president of Global Forecasting Services for The Weather Company, who was in Bermuda when Fay hit. “This debris may be hazardous if Gonzalo hits.”

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