‘Attack Ebola Patients With Napalm To Defeat Virus’ Rails Pro-Life U.S. Politician

Patients affected by Ebola should be killed to defeat the deadly virus, a pro-life American politician has said. The remarks of Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the Republican Party in South Carolina, sparked outrage as the World Health Organization warned at least 7,000 people in West Africa have contracted the disease. Kincannon made the comment on Twitter, where he also asked “Why do creepy viruses always come from Africa? HIV, Marburg, Ebola, West Nile? There’s just no other way with Ebola. We need to be napalming villages from the air right now. He then suggested he would kill with “zero hesitation” the cameramen and health workers who returned from West Africa and who might have contracted the disease. Kincannon also invited health workers to refuse to treat Ebola patients: If I was a hospital employee, I would flatly refuse to work on Ebola cases. Hospital employees should do that en masse. Dozens of people reacted with outrage to his comments, with some calling him insensitive. “Todd Kincannon is to a mind what Ebola is to a body & should be quarantined the same way,” wrote Caroline on Twitter.

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