Arizona ‘Dark Lord’ Burns, Urinates On Bible Outside Of Gospel Mission To ‘Curse The Christians’

A man who identified himself as ‘dark Lord’ to police was arrested on Thursday after admitting to burning and urinating on a Bible outside of a Christian-owned homeless shelter in order to ‘curse the Christians.’ Eric Minerault, 22, was taken into custody late Thursday after a representative of the Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission in Prescott called police, stating that a man was burning something on their porch. According to the mission’s Facebook page, Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission opened in 2013 “to offer help, hope and healing to the least of these in Yavapai County” and to “aid the homeless and poverty stricken towards a fuller, hopeful, God-filled life.” When the Prescott police arrived on the scene, they found Minerault standing on the mission steps with a burned and wet Bible near him. Reports state that Minerault was dressed in a black and red robe and was wearing a pentagram necklace.

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