Amid Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Warnings, Intercessors Do This

Natural disasters are claiming lives in America. Economic disasters are driving poverty in America. Agronomists are predicting famine in America. Politicians and schoolchildren are being shot in America. Pastors are falling into sexual immorality in America. Violent protesters are taking to the streets in America. All the while some Americans are arming themselves for another Civil War. There’s been an increasingly rapid decline in America’s morality since prayer was removed from schools in 1962. Abortion was legalized in 1973. Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage in 2004. Plenty of wickedness has taken place in between and since—and the enemy is growing bolder. God has lifted a measure of His hedge of protection around America. Christians are meeting with persecution in the marketplace, and anti-Christ agendas are working overtime to send America into a downward spiral of darkness.

“Without divine intervention, what we call America will be gone within the next couple of years. It’s that critical,” says Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne, pastor at The River at Tampa Bay. “The handwriting is on the wall. Only God can save us now. This is not a game. If we don’t see a turn in the next two or three years, America as we know it will sink into the abyss and will be gone forever.” For decades, God has sent prophetic voices from many streams, like Billy Graham, Jonathan Cahn and Howard-Browne—to warn America. Yet the spiritual state of the union has only grown worse. Our national debt continues piling up, abortions are still legal, prayerlessness abounds, a spiritual avalanche is looming over our churches even as natural threats like the Ebola virus and the Islamic State threaten to cross our borders.

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