Americans More Comfortable With Profanity Than Christ

A cartoon has circulated depicting three children sitting outside their school principal’s office. The first child says, “I said the ‘S-H’ word.” The second, “I said the ‘F’ word.” And then the third, “I said ‘Christmas.'” While some may sigh and shake their heads at this cartoon, the reality is even worse, says religion and culture expert Alex McFarland. “The truth is that our culture has become so accustomed to profanity that we hardly blink anymore when we hear the ‘f’ word,” McFarland said. “But say the word ‘Christmas’, and suddenly you’re an anomaly. Americans should not have to muster the courage to freely say, ‘Merry Christmas.'” McFarland points to the fact that the recognition of Christmas, not merely the ‘holiday season’, has long been woven into the fabric of our nation’s history since the beginning.

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