It’s been an era of strange, otherworldly warnings.

Pope Francis, referring to the growing barbarism and genocidal fury of Islamic jihadists and specifically ISIS, eerily predicted months ago that a “piecemeal World War III” was emerging, evidenced by ever-mounting “crimes, massacres, destruction.”

World leaders agreed – from Jordan’s King Abdullah, who called the fight against ISIS a “Third World War” and urged all nations to help neutralize the threat posed by the metastasizing terror army, to former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, to former Ukrainian ambassador Yuri Shcherbak – all warning that we are literally staring World War III in the face.

In the U.S., clear-headed pundits echoed the warnings: “World War III has begun,” opined top-rated radio talker Mark Levin. “I sincerely believe it. … It hasn’t begun like any other war, but it’s begun. … and I believe we’re going to be attacked.” Newt Gingrich added, “The real war is worldwide and the real enemy is Islamic supremacy in all its forms. The center of gravity,” added the former House Speaker, “is not Syria. The center of gravity is the Internet.” Glenn Beck agreed we’re looking at World War III, but warned that that “Nobody will recognize it yet. … Just like we were at the beginning of World War II when they invaded Poland. We are entering those times – we just don’t know it yet.”

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