Ahmadinejad Rant: ‘U.S. Trying To Arrest Muslim Messiah’

Earlier this week, Ahmadinejad accused the U.S. of trying to arrest the Shia Muslim messiah, known as the “hidden imam.” Some Shia Muslims, Ahmadinejad among them, are expecting the imminent return of the “hidden imam” or “Mahdi” – the 12th in a series of Shia religious figures born in the 9th century. Ahmadinejad added: “To quote a friend, they’ve completed a case against the Hidden Imam, and closed it also for his arrest” for fear his return would end the American “empire.” “It is really a government established by Satan to prevent reaching God and the hidden imam. … This evil government knows that its end will come if the Hidden Imam reappears,” he railed. Known internationally as “Twelvers,” radical Shiite Muslims like Ahmadinejad believe the new order will come with the return of their messiah, the Mahdi – the child imam who supposedly went into seclusion at the bottom of a well more than 1,000 years ago. He will return, they say, with Jesus Christ, who will declare himself a Muslim and put to death Christians.

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