After August Stock Market Crash, 1 In 10 Google Searches Is For ‘Shemitah’

At a time when 1 in 10 Google searches is for the word “Shemitah,” It’s Supernatural! TV show host Sid Roth says the seven-year biblical cycle may bring both a “shaking” and a “great awakening.” “Here is my spin,” Roth told Charisma on Tuesday. “Absolutely, God works on patterns. I mean that’s seen throughout the Bible. However, it’s my belief that there will be a ‘shaking’ as a result of the Shemitah year, but it will not be as disastrous as people think. Also, I see a great awakening that has already started. I believe God is going to give us an awakening before the book of Revelation stuff starts happening.” Roth’s remarks followed the release of an article in The Times of India noting that “Shemitah” was among the top trending terms on Google. A Google Trends search revealed 1 in 10 Google searches was for the word “Shemitah,” according to the story.

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