A Sign Of The Times? Bubonic Plague Strikes US

One by one, the bubonic plague is striking down people in the United States. This week, Colorado confirmed a second victim died of the disease largely associated with the Middle Ages. The state’s first victim was a star athlete who was initially thought to have the flu. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the vast majority of plague cases have been reported in the West, with an average of seven people affected in the U.S. each year. Public health officials are suggesting the disease is transmitted from fleas or rodents, USA Today reports. While the disease has not been eradicated, it has largely been contained, and Health officials say doesn’t have to be deadly if caught and treated in time. During its hey day, the Black Death was considered the “greatest catastrophe ever.” With symptoms of unsightly buboes, or swollen glands, the re-emergence of a historic disease could be what John prophesied about in Revelation 16:2.

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