A Prophetic Look At 2015

In the Hebrew calendar we are in the year 5775, which is the Year of the Whirlwind. Five is the number of grace and 7 is the number of completion, which means we have double completion of grace this year. Daniel 4 confirms that grace has an expiration date, by revealing a prophetic word that was spoken over King Nebuchadnezzar and then in verse 28 says, 12 months later, an angel spoke the same word to him and immediately the word spoken had come to pass in his life. Grace has an expiration date and I believe we are coming upon that date this year. I believe God has been speaking to people about what He wants, even expects from them and he has given us a grace period to obey, but if we refuse to obey in the grace period, when grace expires discipline begins, so we can repent and be restored (Dan. 4).

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