70 years later, irrational Jew-hatred still rampant

Donovan’s cancelled Israeli “peace concert” last week pretty much sums up the state of the entire political world. It sucks. Peers of the singer are generally doing all they can to make things even worse, while issuing self-congratulatory commendations and awards to each other.
Back to Donavan. He was to host “Ukuleles for Peace,” a Jewish-Arab youth group. Apparently he suddenly discovered complications with his contract, just as several artists have at the last minute on their way to Israel. But that’s only of his stories, the other being the flu. Take your pick. Donavan is infected with something spreading around the art community, a plague of anti-Semitism. Undoubtedly he doesn’t feel this way personally or his concert wouldn’t have been planned. Anti-Israeli pressure is making many artists “ill.”

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