7-Yr-Old Tells Muslim Dad She Doesn’t Love Him, He Decides to “Educate” Her

When a 7-year-old girl from Saudi Arabia told her father that she didn’t love him after her parents went through a messy divorce, the Muslim man doled out a fatal dose of Islamic “justice.”

The little girl, Yara, was forced to live with her father after the divorce, though she didn’t want to. Her mother was concerned for her safety, but under Saudi Sharia Law, women have almost no rights, even to their own children.

Yara told her father that she didn’t love him nor did she want to live with him, and he immediately snatched a hose from an air conditioning unit and began beating her with it. He hit her over the head repeatedly and then locked her in her room, where she cried uncontrollably.

Eventually, when Yara wouldn’t stop crying, her father went to check on her. He then realized that she had been badly injured and decided he would take her to the hospital.

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