5-Year-Old’s Shockingly Descriptive Vision Confirms Philippians 4:7

Philippian 4:7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Her husband’s untimely death from a rare form of cancer left her reeling. As she wallowed in grief, seeking God’s presence, her five-year-old had several vivid dreams about heaven (and hell) that buoyed her faith in the Lord.

Uyen “Wyn” Tran and her husband, Ton, lived in Australia for 30 years following their arrival from Vietnam. He was a mechanical engineer and she a pharmacist, fulfilling their dreams in a land of fresh opportunities, when they received unexpected and devastating news.

In 2013, Ton was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer growing in his nose and throat. He was given four months to live. Ton was not a believer during their eight years of marriage, but two months before he died, he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

“By God’s grace he lived a year,” Wyn recounts. “When he passed away, I was so devastated. I believed with all my heart he would be healed.” Some of their friends also believed he would be healed and even thought they saw a vision of him cured, testifying about his healing.

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