15 Adults And Children Try To Flee ISIS, ISIS Captures Them, Covers Them In Tar, And Sets Them On Fire

ISIS’ dreams of a caliphate are in their death rattles right now, but even as their state is passing away before their eyes they still continue to deal out death and horror to all those around them.

An a story coming out of Iraq, 15 adults and children attempted to flee from ISIS to the city of Kirkuk. They were caught by the terrorist who then covered them in tar and burned them alive:

Islamic State militants have burned to death 15 civilians, including children, for attempting to escape areas under the extremist group’s control, according to a security source.

“Daesh (Islamic State) militants have burned to death 15 civilians belonging to three families from al-Shajarah village in Hawija (55 km southwest Kirkuk),” a security source told Alsumaria News on Saturday. The group accused the victims of “abandoning the land of the caliphate,” the source added. They were submerged with tar and then set to fire before a crowd the source said.

The victims were bound to central Kirkuk and areas in neighboring Salahuddin province, according to the source. They were captured by IS on a road between al-Riyadh and Hamreen mountains area.

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